Set Up and Care

  • How do I unpack my new mattress?

  • Care Instructions

Mattress Construction and Materials

  • How is Latex different from Memory Foam?

  • Why are there multiple layers of foam in memory foam and latex foam beds?

  • What is the advantage of using pocketed coils in some of the mattresses?

  • What's the difference between a foundation and a box spring?

  • What are the mattresses made of?

  • Where are your mattresses made?

  • Why do new mattresses smell? Does my mattress need to be aired out before I use it?

  • What are the dimensions of the mattresses and how much do they weigh?


  • Should I buy a firmer mattress if I have a bad back?

  • Is a firmer mattress always better?

  • Are the mattresses supportive without being too firm?

  • How do I know which mattress is right for me?

  • What kinds of mattresses do you offer?

  • Will the pillows help with my snoring?

  • What are the differences between a King size and a Cal King size mattress?


  • Are you certified by CertiPUR-US?

  • Is your latex GOLS Certified?

Payment method

  • What payment methods do you accept?

  • Do you offer financing?

  • Can I split payments with FuturePay Financing?

Personal Information

  • Is it safe to enter my personal information on your website?


  • What kind of warranty do you offer?

  • What is the best way to protect my new mattress?

  • How long will my mattress last, and when should I replace it?

Return/Exchange Policy

  • Can I exchange my mattress for a different one?

  • What is the return policy?


  • What shipping carrier do you use?

  • How long can I keep my mattress packaged in the box?

  • Do you ship internationally?

  • How much will shipping and handling cost me?

  • How do I change or cancel an order once it has been placed?

  • How soon can I have my Suissly mattress delivered?

  • Can I place my order on hold?

General Questions

  • How much do the mattresses, pillows, and sheets cost?

  • Will the mattress help improve my sleep quality?

  • Why should I purchase my mattress online?

  • Will my current base or frame be okay or do I need to purchase a new one?

  • Gift with Purchase

  • Do you offer gift wrapping?

  • Techical Specs

  • Why the name "Suissly"?

  • How do I dispose of my old mattress?